Your First Visit

Your initial exam will last approximately one hour.  Additional time may be required for x-rays or impressions if needed.  You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time for your first visit.  All required forms are available for download that you can print and fill out before your first visit:

  • New Patient Financial Policy (Print, Sign, Bring to first visit) Download me! Download
  • Privacy Practices  (Print, Sign, Bring to first visit) Download me! Download
  • Patient Information and Medical History Form (Submit Online Here)  Download me! Download
  • Photo Release (Only if requested by our office)  Download me! Download

For your convenience click online patient history form where you can fill out the necessary information on the website that sends us a secure email.

Your visit will begin with an introduction to our office by the receptionist.  The clinical exam will begin with a review of your health history by our dental assistant followed by a complete oral exam by Dr. Andreaus.  This allows Dr. Andreaus to take inventory of your teeth and overall oral health in order to diagnose any restorative or hygiene needs you may have.

Dr. Andreaus will examine your face and neck looking for any abnormalities, lumps or swelling.  A complete and thorough exam of the inside of your mouth allows the doctor to look for any abnormalities in the soft tissue, such as discolorations or ulcers on the lops, tongue, gums, cheecks or palate.  An oral cancer screening will also be administered with Visilite®, the most advanced method available for early detections of oral cancers.

Dr. Andreaus will continue his exam by checking your jawbone and teeth.  The jawbone is the foundation for your teeth and keeping it strong and healthy is critical to good oral health.  While checking your teeth, Dr. Andreaus will be looking for cavities, cracks, gum recession or other potential symptoms or concerns.  He will discuss his findings with you and make recommendations for treatment and home care.  In most cases a clinical exam alone is not sufficient to fully diagnose issues in your mouth.