Mal-aligned, chipped, broken, and discolored teeth gave Leora a smile that gave her little to smile about and added years to her true age. Veneers can cover dark fillings and actually strengthen and protect teeth.


Gina disliked the gaps her orthodontist left on the sides.  A whitening treatment and placement of composite resin bonding material eliminated the gaps and gave Gina a more attractive smile.


Rick did not like the appearance of his chipped front tooth. Rick did his homework and realized there were alternatives and a composite resin bonding/veneer was the answer.  A whitening treatment and the multi-layered direct composite resin bonding/veneer blended to achieve a more natural and attractive smile.


Doug had fractured a portion of his front tooth, also one them was shorter than the other, while another was twisted, and another tooth was too short. Doug also wanted to brighten the color of his smile.  The result is an attractive, natural looking smile that enhances Doug's overall appearance, and the bonding was done in just one visit!


Mille wanted a more attractive smile to eliminate the gap between her teeth and to correct the unevenness of them. A whitening treatment and placement of composite bonding/veneers eliminated the gaps and gave Mille a more attractive smile.