Invisalign® Spans Generations

Teenager Jane Brown and her mom, Anne Brown, with their pleased dentist, Dr. Steven Andreaus, flash beautiful smiles that show no evidence that they are wearing Invisalign® aligners 
Jane Brown, a beautiful young teenager (see photo), became excited about the idea of Invisalign® to address the issue of her overly crowded teeth after observing her older sister move through her teenage years wearing traditional metal brackets and wires to accomplish the same goal.

Her mother, Anne Brown, got caught up in that same enthusiasm when the two visited their family dentist, Dr. Steven Andreaus in Raleigh. For the past 10 years he’s been a top provider of Invisalign, recognized by the company as “one of a select group of doctors who have achieved the highest level of Invisalign expertise.”

Now one-third of the way through their Invisalign course, mother and daughter are delighted with the progress they’ve made. They wear their Invisalign aligners around the clock, except when eating.

The nearly invisible Invisalgn aligners that Anne Brown and her daughter Jane are wearing to gently reposition their teeth.

“I had conventional braces as a child, and Invisalign was a whole new concept for me,” said Anne Brown. “But I have so much confidence in Dr. Andreaus that I was willing to give this a try. I’m very conservative, and it’s not like me to do something innovative when it comes to health care.

When he said he thought that both Jane and I would be good candidates for Invisalign, my barriers came down and I’m so glad that they did. Jane and I love what is happening to our smiles, one day at a time. I had some shifting in my lower teeth that is straightening up beautifully. Jane is also getting the same wonderful outcome.”