About Mille's Case


Mille wanted a more attractive smile to eliminate the gap between her teeth and to correct the unevenness of them.

Prior to placing four composite bonding/veneers, her teeth were whitened by using an at-home whitening technique. The veneers made her smile and biting edges even and straight.

Full Face

 A whitening treatment and placement of composite bonding/veneers eliminated the gaps and gave Mille a more attractive smile.

    Doctor's Notes

    Presented with: Mille disliked how her teeth looked with the large gap and the uneven edges due to the misalignment of her front teeth. Although braces were the first recommendation, Mille was also made aware some sort of bonding/veneers would be necessary to close a space this large.

    Treatment: The misalignment was just in her upper front four teeth. Four composite bonding/veneers were directly placed to enhance her smile, closing the space and evening the edges. Prior to the composite bonding/veneers being placed, her teeth were whitened with an at-home whitening technique.

    "I had a large gap between my front teeth, but I didn't want to go through wearing braces. Dr. Andreaus did veneers on my four front teeth. Now I smile a lot more!"