About Gina's Case


Gina works for one of the state’s best periodontist, gum specialist. She called our office in hopes of closing a few post-orthodontic spaces before her wedding pictures.

Prior to placing four partial coverage composite resin bondings/veneers, her teeth were whitened by using an at-home whitening technique. The bonding helped to close the gaps left by her orthodontist resulting in a more natural and uniform smile… from all angles.

Full Face

 A whitening treatment and placement of composite resin bonding material eliminated the gaps and gave Gina a more attractive smile.


Doctor's Notes

Presented with: Gina disliked the gaps her orthodontist left on the sides, from the front it was. Although braces had given her a beautiful smile from the front, Gina was getting married in two months and the photographer noted the black holes in her smile were detracting.

Treatment: The gaps were bilateral, both sides. Four composite resin bondings/veneers were placed with no anesthetic to close the space and blend the shape with her own natural smile. Prior to the bonding/veneers being placed, her teeth were whitened with an at-home whitening technique.

"I had spaces left on the sides after the orthodontist straighten my teeth. After they had my regular dentist take out the first bicuspids and things got straightened, there was not enough tooth to fill all of the spaces. The gaps weren’t that bad from the front, but from the side it was the Grand Canyon. Dr. Andreaus did some bonding in just a few hour… Wow what a difference. Now I can smile from any angle!"