About Doug's Case


Doug had fractured a portion of his front tooth, also one them was shorter than the other, while another was twisted, and another tooth was too short. Doug also wanted to brighten the color of his smile.

First Doug's teeth were whitened and then the front teeth were bonded to repair the fracture and restore the irregular smile. A gum sculpting procedure was also used to lengthen and reshape the tissue to create a smoother alignment. All of the bonding was performed in one visit.

Full Face

 Dr. Andreaus began by whitening Doug's entire smile. Then composite bonding was done to restore the fractured tooth and to even the length and twist of the other front teeth. The result is an attractive, natural looking smile that enhances Doug's overall appearance, and the bonding was done in just one visit!


Doctor's Notes

Presented with: Patient wife was unhappy with fracture and color of teeth – felt that they were too busted-up. He noted he was unhappy with the chip in his smile. Patient had space between the two front teeth and spaces beside the front teeth.

Treatment: Whitened upper and lower teeth over a two-week period. Composite bonding placed on the front teeth to close the spaces and correct the irregular smile. Bonding was done in one appointment. Placed, cured, shaped and polished in about two hours.

"Even though smiling my smile was not my idea, I sure am glad I did!"