Gum Disease Care

It is not just a “Cleaning”, there should be much more to your routine visits to the dentist and hygienist – your health depends on it. Dr. Andreaus and his staff have helped many develop and establish a lifetime of dental health rather than simply solving dental issues one problem at a time. We advise, inform, educate, motivate and inspire each patient to take an active role in your own preventive dental care. If premium dental health is your goal, we are the team to get you there.
These prevention-focused services are provided by specially trained and certified registered dental hygienists. Our goal is primarily to improve and maintain the soft tissues and supporting structures of the mouth. Doing so results in better overall health and contributes positively to tooth and gum preservation.
Interested in learning more about a healthier and fresher Smile with one of the most conservative and comfortable alternatives, Please contact our office to learn more about how this treatment can help enhance your smile and oral health.