Crowns in a Day (Cerec®)

Modern restoration choices used in our practice for conservative repair of your teeth. Crowns and Onlays are a durable and long-lasting alternative to fillings, and can be much more conservative when compared to the placement of a traditional dental crowns.
Often the tooth does not always need to be completely reshaped. Instead, Dr. Andreaus will replace only the damaged portion of the tooth and shape the porcelain of the onlay or crown-lay (crown-lay?) to fit the remaining tooth. This process can be done in-office, often at the same appointment, with a special computerized milling machine where these restorations are crafted from the highest-grade dental materials, including porcelain, where it complements the shape, size, color, and texture of surrounding natural teeth. These restorations are commonly used to strengthen teeth that have been weakened or cracked, as well as to conceal teeth that have suffered significant discoloration or other cosmetic damage. They are also frequently used to cover teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. Once placed, they look and function just like natural teeth, restoring form and function to the mouth.. By using CAD-CAM/CEREC® technology, we are able to provide a precision restoration for precision fit. Patients will enjoy these natural-looking restorations for many decades when cared for properly.
Contact our office to learn more about how Crown-lays, Onlays and CEREC® in-office treatment can help enhance your smile and oral health.