Comfort and Sedation

Profound techniques and a combination of anesthetic that leads to a safe and profound local anesthesia. If the fear of dentistry is keeping you from taking care of your teeth? If you have a psychological or physical issue that prevents you from pursuing needed dental treatment? For those with troubling dental fears, 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry offers a range of options at our Raleigh office. Before your treatment, our team will review the type of anesthetic to be used, as well as the way you're likely to feel during and after the procedure. This is the time to discuss any concerns you may have about any facet of the operation. Usually, patients describe their feelings during surgery as comfortable and surprisingly pleasant. After surgery, you may be prescribed a medication to make you as comfortable as possible when you get home.
Interested in learning more about improving your dental health and being comfortable, Pease contact us to schedule an informational consultation.