All On Four

Dr. Steven Andreaus and the 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry team are pleased to offer the innovative “All-on-Four or All-on-Six” system. With this state-of-the-art technology, we can help complete the implantation process in one minimally invasive session which is virtually painless for the patient. The traditional placement process typically takes three visits. Now, our patients can have a stunning smile in the same day!

If you would like to learn more about the amazing “All-on-Four or All-on-Six” system please Contact us about how this procedure can help enhance your smile and oral health.

1- Comprehensive Care : Videos & B&A’s General Dentistry – encompassing all of the dental specialtes –

WE PERSONALIZE YOUR DENTISTRY No two smiles are the same, and at the 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, we provide each and every patient with the experience and results that they want and deserve. It's for that reason that we don't double book people. We provide plenty of time to ensure that your questions are answered and that you understand your treatment. Whether you need a quick chip fix or want a complete smile makeover, we do our utmost to make you comfortable and satisfied from the beginning of your visit to the time you walk out the door. When you are here, you are our priority. Far from operating an office that caters to the age-old fear that dentist chairs are an unsettling and even painful place to be, we take steps to see you are relaxed throughout your treatment. This is both to improve your experience and to make our job easier. When the patient feels safe and taken care of, the hygienist and doctor are better able to tend to dental, periodontal and oral concerns.

Just one of the things we do at the 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry is to offer you offer headphones, a blanket and neck pillow to distract and entertain patients during treatment.

If you are concerned about the potential pain and discomfort of dental work, ask about our features for painless dentistry. Local anesthesia is a common and safe means of literally numbing the area in need of work. Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is a way to calm patients and give them a sense of happiness while keeping them fully conscious. For those who want to be less aware of their treatment, anti-anxiety medications may be administered. This is to further relax patients to the point that they may experience partial or complete amnesia and remember little to nothing of their procedure. Let us provide you with the best dental services available and in a manner that perfectly suits your needs and desires

2- Restorative Dentistry : Videos & B&A’s Returning Health and Beauty to the Mouth and Smile – We specialize in implant dentistry, which represents the most natural-looking and durable method of replacing missing teeth currently available. Unlike many dental practices, we are able to perform every stage of the dental implant process at our office, from the surgical implantation of the titanium posts into the jaw to the final placement of beautiful, natural-looking crowns, bridges, and dentures.

While many patients who are missing teeth opt for dental implants some prefer to be fitted with more traditional restorations. Whatever the needs and goals of our patients, we invest the same level of craftsmanship into creating the strongest, most lifelike crowns, bridges, and dentures possible. By offering a full range of restorative dentistry options at our Raleigh practice, we are able to meet the needs of nearly every patient who seeks our services. If you are in need of exceptional restorative dentistry services in Raleigh or Capital Area we invite you to contact our office today. Our doctor and team would be pleased to meet with you in a private consultation or to answer whatever questions you may have about your treatment options.

3- Cosmetic Dentistry : Videos & B&A’s Cosmetic Dentistry – a mix of Restorative and Comprehensive Care Dentistry that reflects our patients’ desire for long-lasting beautiful smiles – Successful creation of a beautiful smile requires artistic gift as well as technical skill. North Carolina cosmetic dentist, and Accredited Member of the AACD - Dr. Andreaus is an expert smile creator who transforms smiles and changes lives every day. “Recognizing that all forms of dental care are directly related to appearance, and we strive to help our patients achieve the very best in function and aesthetics when it comes to their smiles.” Combining his nearly 30 years of experience with the best materials, technology and cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Andreaus performs everything from simple smile enhancements to complex full mouth reconstructions all with-in the Raleigh, North Carolina office. With the eye of an artist, he can produce dazzling results for you! Our comprehensive cosmetic dental treatments include professional in-office and at-home teeth whitening, white fillings, porcelain and zirconium veneers, porcelain on-lays and crowns, permanent bridges, dental implants, removable and non-removable replacement teeth.

Smile Makeover = The 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry is a place where great smiles are born every day. Raleigh first AACD Accredited cosmetic dentist, Dr. Steven Andreaus is a smile creation expert who turns damaged or lackluster teeth into the smile of your dreams. A Smile Makeover can be as simple as a teeth bleaching or as complicated as a full mouth reconstruction with dental implants or non-removable replacement teeth. Whatever the problem, Dr. Andreaus can help. Dr. Andreaus is also Raleigh’s only full time accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. As a smile dentistry makeover artist, Dr. Andreaus is able to visualize the finished work in his mind even before treatment begins. The dental process goes beyond tooth repair, Dr. Andreaus creates a beautiful, healthy smile, not just beautiful teeth. This requires careful and thorough evaluation of the teeth, lips, gums and related structures, and an understanding of how they work together. With detailed information from 3D scans, Dr. Andreaus can improve aspects of your smile that others may overlook. Dr. Andreaus uses cutting edge technology and techniques to design smiles that last a lifetime. We have low radiation digital X-rays, intra oral cameras, and lasers for surgery and fillings to minimize trauma and speed up recovery time. Every smile makeover is different. Some people only need simple smile enhancements, while others may need multiple or more extensive treatments. The smile creation process starts with a consultation with you and Dr. Andreaus, our smile dentist, you’ll discuss what you want to achieve with your smile and how you want it to be done. Dr. Andreaus will then perform a complete mouth examination to determine the best method to make your smile even better. Take the first step toward a brand new life with a beautiful smile. Call us today 919.546.9011 . (See below)

Dental Bonding = Bonding is a popular treatment option because it provides a successful attachment between the filling material and the tooth’s original enamel and dentin. It looks like the original tooth and functions like it as well. Direct composite bonding is used to recreate a smile in an additive manner, where little or no tooth reduction is […] Tooth bonding is used in several different ways, but is probably most useful for repairing chipped teeth. Bonding materials (high-density, space-age plastics called composite resin) and porcelain–are more natural in color and can be designed to perfectly match the surrounding teeth making it difficult to discern there ever was a broken tooth. Transitional bonding is […] Dentists no longer need to rely on unsightly metals to replace tooth structure lost to decay, but use high density, state-of-the-art plastic (composite resins) and porcelain materials instead. These materials more naturally mimic the look, feel, and function of natural teeth and actually bond directly to the remaining enamel and dentin. This means that new fillings preserve more of the natural tooth so less repair work is necessary immediately and in the future. These modern filling materials are also more natural in appearance; it’s almost impossible to tell that your tooth has a filling.

Teeth Whitening = Most teeth can be whitened (some call it bleaching) and there are a number of ways to whiten teeth. External tooth whitening happens when vital teeth are bleached by direct contact with a safe and commonly used whitening agent, either in a dental office or at home. This means that in most situations, tooth whitening is possible and safe.

Porcelain Veneers = Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain used to recreate the natural look of teeth, while also providing strength and resilience comparable to natural tooth enamel. It is often the material of choice for those looking to make slight position alterations, or to change tooth shape, size, and/or color. Veneer Consultation Visiting an AACD member dentist […]

Invisalign & Orthodontics = Orthodontics is more commonly referred to as “braces,” but this simple term can be misleading, as the science of orthodontics is actually quite precise. Orthodontists are experts not only in the current position of teeth, but also in what has caused them to arrive at their current positions and what future movement is possible. Your cosmetic dentist now has many options available, from conventional braces to “invisible braces” (clear orthodontic aligners) and reduced treatment times. Ask your cosmetic dentist about the possibilities. Each option offers its own benefits and issues and should be carefully selected to suit the situation. Implants = Dental implants replace the roots of lost teeth. A dental implant–along with a crown built on the implant–replaces a missing tooth or teeth and helps to maintain the bone support of the adjacent teeth, extending their life span. Dental implants are considered a permanent service and can be expected, in most cases, to last many, many years. They are the optimum choice for replacing missing teeth. A tooth replaced with a dental implant should be imperceptible from a natural tooth.

Crowns, Caps and Bridges = Dental porcelain can be sculpted to closely replicate the look of natural tooth enamel, while providing desirable strength and resilience. Porcelain crowns are an excellent choice when recreating the form and function of a damaged tooth, because a crown basically replaces the entire external portion of the tooth down to the gum level. Crowns are not […] 

Dental porcelain is remarkable in its ability to replicate both the form and function of original teeth. Whether you’re looking at veneers, crowns, or a fixed bridge, the use of porcelain can provide the longevity, durability, and esthetic you desire. A porcelain fixed bridge is very useful when replacing a tooth or a couple of […] “Crown-lay” 

Removable Patrials and Full Dentures of Destinction = While dentures have been considered a tried and true method for tooth replacement for years, they come with their own set of issues. The main problem is that dentures rest on teeth and gums for stability, which can encourage bone loss, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. However, dentures can be relined every few years to compensate for bone loss and any compromised facial integrity. There have been modern advances in dentures, as there have been in many other areas of dental healthcare, and an overdenture retained by implants may be an option. Overdentures are a combination of traditional dentures and the newer science of dental implants to prevent bone loss that could result from dentures alone.

Gum Grafting = Periodontal plastic surgery is designed to restore form and function to the gum tissue, periodontal ligament, and the bone that supports your teeth or an individual tooth. The real long-term goal of any periodontal surgery is to increase the life expectancy of the teeth and their usefulness; it is not a cure for periodontal disease.

[…] ***** Dental Pin-Hole Treatment = Dental Sealants: Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that cover the top surface of back teeth. These sealants are not noticeable and blend with the normal tooth color for a very natural result. Dr. Andreaus may suggest dental sealants to prevent decay in deep grooves of the teeth where toothbrush bristles can't reach. Mouth Guards: The 5 Point Center offers a variety of mouth guards for protection from jaw clenching and tooth grinding, as well as sports and other athletic activities. Dr. Andreaus even provides a guard to help treat and prevent migraine headaches. 

Smile Makeover = (see above)


4- Sleep Apnea & Snoring : Testimonial Videos -- ( = embed …. Although sleep apnea is a common concern, many men and women aren't aware they have it – Do you have it? Here at the 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr Andreaus is skilled in both diagnosing and treating sleep apnea — often without the use of a CPAP machine. If you're in the Raleigh/RTP area and are curious about your options for sleeping more safely and feeling better, the 5 Points Center can help. Dr Andreaus is skilled in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea with innovative, effective techniques. Request a consultation online, or call our office directly at 919.546.9011 to schedule your appointment.

Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders, affecting more than 3 million Americans every year. Despite its prevalence, the disorder has the potential to be serious if not treated correctly. Although sleep apnea comes in many forms, the most common is called obstructive sleep apnea. It occurs when the throat muscles relax and loosen during sleep, disturbing normal breathing or even stopping it completely. Common symptoms include: Loud snoring Awakening suddenly with shortness of breath Morning dry mouth, sore throat, or headache Symptoms of insomnia, including daytime fatigue, attention or memory problems, and irritability At the 5 Points Center, we offer a convenient option for diagnosing sleep apnea, often without spending the night in a sleep lab. If you suspect you may have sleep apnea, we provide an unobtrusive device that fits over your wrist and finger. Simply put it on in the evening and go to bed in your own home as normal. The next day, you're scheduled to visit the 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry to review your results with Dr Andreaus Your Treatment Options If the results of your test indicate that you have sleep apnea, you and Dr Andreaus review the options that suit you best. In some cases, we may recommend that you see a sleep physician for a CPAP machine. In others, we may recommend an oral device that you wear to bed. If an oral device is a better match to your condition and lifestyle, we make impressions of your mouth and send them away to the manufacturer. About 2-4 weeks later, your device is delivered to our office. Over the course of a few follow-up visits, we adjust the device to ensure it's working properly. After about 3 months, we perform another sleep study to evaluate its effectiveness.

5- Dental Implants : Testimonial Videos Plainly stated, Dental Implants are the best teeth replacement solution for missing teeth – Because the replacement teeth are anchored directly into your own jaw bone, implant-supported restorations are incredibly secure and stable. Raleigh, NC implant dentist Dr. Steven Andreaus offers several dental implant procedure and solutions at The 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry. What are Dental Implants? First used in Europe, in the 1950’s, this procedure is tried, true and tested. A dental implant is a synthetic tooth root made of titanium. The small titanium post is surgically embedded into the jaw and allowed to become one with the bone, a process called osseointegration. After the dental implant has successfully fused with bone, the replacement crown, bridge or denture is placed on top. Dental implants can be used to replace one missing tooth or several missing teeth. Unlike removable bridges and dentures, non-removable replacement teeth: - Provide maximum comfort and stability - Fully restore your chewing ability so you can eat whatever you want, even steak and raw vegetables - Look, feel, and function like natural teeth - Can last for decades with proper maintenance - Preserve bone density

The Dental Implant Procedure = After the consultation, Dr. Andreaus will check your mouth and bite, consider a 3D scan, check bone levels, and take measurements for full dental implants. The implant, once placed, is allowed to fuse with bone. Next, Dr. Andreaus will take impressions to make the final restoration. Finally, the dental crown, bridge or denture is attached to the implant. In general, anyone who can undergo a routine tooth extraction can undergo implant surgery. You must also be in good oral and general health, and the bone at the site must be dense enough to support the implant. To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, call 919.546.9011 or click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andreaus. 6-Comfort and Sedation: Testimonial Videos Imagine your next dental appointment absolutely stress-free – Few people are excited to see the dentist, and it’s completely normal. However, being completely paralyzed by fear and postponing dental care can take a toll on your oral health. According to the director of the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington in Seattle, 20% of Americans are so anxious that they see the dentist only when absolutely necessary, while 58% avoid dentists altogether because of fear. Raleigh, NC dentist Dr. Andreaus aims to change all that. As someone who still remembers traumatic experiences going to the dentist as a child, Dr. Andreaus strives to make your visit comfortable, positive, and pleasant. He and his team are trained in handling fearful patients, and they use several methods to reduce pain and relieve anxiety. What is Oral Sedation? One of the most effective ways to relieve dental anxiety is oral sedation dentistry. Oral sedation is the use of medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. You take a pill like Valium or Halcion sometimes the night before your appointment to help you relax before entering the treatment room. Oral sedatives will keep you calm and make you a bit sleepy. However, you are conscious during the procedure and can respond to instructions from your dentist. If you do fall asleep, Dr. Andreaus can easily wake you up. The best part of oral conscious sedation is that no needles are used. Simply take a pill and wait to feel the relaxing effects. Dr. Andreaus has received training for anxious and fearful patients. Any procedure can be performed under conscious sedation, but it is particularly helpful if you are very fearful and undergoing complicated or lengthy treatment. Make your next appointment absolutely stress-free with dental sedation. Schedule a consultation with your Raleigh, NC dentist today! Call 919.546.9011 or click here to use our online forms to schedule your anxiety-free appointment today. 7- Orthodontics (Invisalign®): Testimonial Videos Looking for a modern, non-obtrusive approach to straightening your teeth. We have the answer – What is Invisalign? Basically Invisalign is a metal free braces system. Instead, of brackets and regular wire twisting - a series of clear aligner trays are custom made just for you. Trays are made of BPA free, thermoplastic material, which is transparent, and gentle to your mouth. Dr. Andreaus has been working with the Invisalign system, since it became available for general dentist, and with nearly 400 cases of exceptional results. The tooth movements are precisely planned using proprietry Invisalign software, and CAD/CAM technology. We can show you three dimensional image of your current bite, and the projected outcome of treatment. The trays are created at the state-of-the-art Invisalign laboratory, using their 3D fabrication process. Benefits The number one reason patients request Invisalign is aesthetics. No one is pleased with the idea of a set train-tracks across their smile, particularly as an adult. Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible. Aligners are very thin, with no abrasive metal, and use gentle movements to align your teeth. Also, big on the list is the convenience of removing the trays as needed to eat what you want and live the way you want. No brackets and No wires means - oral hygiene is easy, reducing the risk of decay or gum disease. Are you a good candidate? Realizing the importance of proper dental alignment and functionality, orthodontic treatment is about more than making teeth aesthetically pleasing. We want every patient to have a healthy, pain-free, functional, and beautiful smile! Therefore, we recommend Invisalign only when it can adequately correct the issue. That being said, we also have a keen understanding of TMJ/TMD/Obstructive Sleep Apnea and related issues, Some people think of Invisalign as an option for cosmetic tooth straightening only. However, there are a number of new enhancements for correcting more serious malocclusion. Invisalign is a viable option for most patients, and this ever-advancing technology is continually broadening the range of patients we can help. Dr. Andreaus and his remarkable team can determine if Invisalign is right for you. Click and schedule a consultation or call our office today 919.546.9011, and begin your journey to a healthier, more beautiful smile! 8-Whitening & ZOOM®: Testimonial Videos Want a Brighter Smile ??? Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. That is certainly the case with teeth whitening Raleigh, NC. Smoking or eating some foods and drinking some beverages will stain or discolor your teeth. Yellowing or discolored teeth can negatively affect your appearance and lower your self-confidence. Whitening is an easy and affordable cosmetic boost for your smile. For safe and effective professional teeth whitening, come to The 5 Points for Aesthetic Dentistry. We offer professional-grade whitening trays and kits to do at home, and Zoom! whitening here at our office. Before any whitening treatment, teeth whitening dentist Dr. Andreaus recommends you have a thorough teeth cleaning appointment with one of our hygienists. Zoom! Whitening Procedure ● The lips and gums are covered for protection ● The Zoom! hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth ● A special light is placed over the teeth to activate the gel for 15 minutes ● While the gel is working, you can watch TV, listen to music, or just relax ● You’ll experience three 15-minute gel activation sessions for a total of 45 minutes ● A sensitivity-reducing fluoride gel or paste is applied to the teeth ● Treatment time is usually one hour or less Dr. Andreaus will advise you about oral care to maintain your newly brightened smile, including avoiding certain foods or drinks and maybe using a special toothpaste. We know you will love your results! To set up a teeth whitening consultation, visit our appointment page or call us today at 919.546.9011. 9-Crown-lays = CEREC® CAD technology: Testimonial Videos NO MORE CROWNS ??? – Crowns are an outdated treatment. Dr. Andreaus and the team at the 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in the Raleigh, North Carolina area try to avoid the use of traditional dental crowns whenever possible. However, there are times when they are necessary, but whenever possible, he will want to achieve the same results in the most conservative manner. At the 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, our professional team is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our patients. This is why we want to achieve maximum results in the most conservative manner to achieve longevity of the restorations we place. We do not routinely place dental crowns for our patients. Instead, we focus on more conservative methods which means less drilling and less trauma to the tooth. This, in turn, means patients will have a much healthier, much stronger smile. By using some of the most advanced dental technologies, techniques, and materials, we can provide our patients with some excellent alternative to more traditional restorations used in dental practices today. Our materials are strong, and only second best to your natural tooth material. We provide these quality materials to ensure that patients can maintain as much healthy structure of their teeth as possible, only replacing what is missing or damaged. Dental Crown-lays A dental crown-lay is a restoration that may partially or completely encases or replaces the visible portion of the tooth at or above the gum line. Though crowns can be made of a number of materials, our crowns are traditionally made of porcelain. They are mainly used to restore strength, functionality, and appearance to a damaged tooth. A Crown-lay is Needed: ● To protect a weak tooth from cracking ● To cover and protect a cracked tooth from breaking ● To cover and strengthen a tooth with a large filling or following a root canal ● To cosmetically alter the appearance of a discolored or oddly-shaped tooth ● To restore a dental implant ● To support a dental bridge At the 5 Points Center getting a dental crown-lay usually requires only one visit. With our CEREC® CAD/CAM same-day crown-lay technology, you will receive your permanent restoration immediately. CEREC® CAD/CAM restorations are produced from 3D images of your tooth right next to your dental chair in only about an hour to 90 minutes. This new technology eliminates the need for uncomfortable, unreliable temporary crowns and allows you to leave the office with your permanent restoration in just one visit. CEREC® CAD/CAM restorations are durable, long-lasting, and natural-looking. Because they are milled from a solid block of ceramic instead of created using layers, our same-day crowns are stronger than other types of dental restorations. Your new CEREC® CAD/CAM crown-lay will blend right in with the rest of your natural teeth, restoring your smile to its former beauty! Dental Bridges A dental bridge fills a gap left by missing teeth for a better appearance and for functionality when chewing and speaking. It also keeps remaining teeth from shifting out of their positions, which can impact jaw bone density and facial appearance. The teeth on either side of the gap, called abutment teeth, are covered with crowns to support the integrity of the teeth which are used as anchors for the bridge. The abutment teeth are either natural teeth or restored implants. Between the abutment teeth is a false tooth (or teeth) to fill the gap called a pontic. A bridge can be made of a number of materials, but often we use porcelain. It requires two or more dental visits to prepare your teeth and to create and place your dental bridge. At the first visit, the abutment teeth are prepared and impressions are taken to be used to make the crowns and the false teeth(pontic). We will place a temporary bridge to protect your teeth while the bridge is being made. At your second visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the new bridge is placed and adjusted to achieve the proper fit. It may take another visit or two to make sure it fits properly and restores your bite, before cementing your bridge permanently to your teeth. For excellent restorations, including porcelain crowns and bridges, contact the 5 Points Center for Aesthetic Dentistry to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andreaus today. Call 919.546.9011 10- Gum Disease Care: Testimonial Videos Prevention be the best plan is good, but for those whos oral health has crossed the line - active therapy, non-surgical ideally, is the best approach – Dr. Andreaus and his staff have helped many develop and establish a lifetime of dental health rather than simply solving dental issues one problem at a time. We advise, inform, educate, motivate and inspire each patient to take an active role in your own preventive dental care. If premium dental health is your goal, we have the means to get you there. Non-Surgical Therapy Our office has performed "Soft Tissue Management" program for over twenty years. These programs are non-surgical techniques to improve and eliminate gum and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease and gingivitis (earliest version of periodontal disease) are bacterial infections that lead to bone loss and/or loss of teeth. Customized STM programs based on your initial presenting gingival condition involve S/RP (deep cleanings), oral hygiene instructions, culture of the bacteria to prescribe bacterial specific antibiotics; sub gingival irrigation and re-evaluation. For most patients, this eliminates the need for periodontal (gum) surgery. Our team hygienist monitors all patients whose periodontal conditions could worsen. Surgical Therapy After exhausting all non-surgical periodontal therapy, some patients still require a surgical approach. We believe in tissue preservation and tissue regeneration. Today, surgical procedures utilize state-of-the-art techniques and materials = BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein), artificial bone from multiple sources and membranes to stimulate new periodontal structures (bone and gums). Fresh Breath: Chronic bad breath (halitosis) can be the result of gum infections and poor oral health. This malady can be treated with a variety of different at-home products from the 5 Point Center. Dr. Andreaus and his dental hygiene staff will identify the underlying cause of bad breath (which is often due to tooth decay or poor hygiene) and then recommend the most appropriate method of treatment. 1 month after Soft Tissue Management (STM) – notice the healthy pink tissue sculpting up between the teeth 11- All-on-Four or All-on-Six : Testimonial Videos Several missing teeth? Wearing old, removable dentures that tend to come off when you eat or speak? Like to see things more stable? – Now you can smile with confidence and eat whatever you want with the Smile-inAll-on-Four or All-on-Six non-removable replacement teeth options from Raleigh dentist. Dr. Steven Andreaus is one of the few dentists in the country offering these revolutionary dental implant dentures. All-on-Four and All-on-Six are types of non-removable teeth replacement that were developed to help patients with missing teeth regain a fully-functional mouth quickly. Instead of using one implant for every missing tooth, All-on-Four uses only four implants and All-on-Six uses six implants to take advantage of existing bone to stabilize a complete upper or lower permanent denture. All-on-Four and All-on-Six are excellent alternatives to traditional removable dentures. Besides providing stability and durability, there are other benefits. Your wallet will benefit from a more affordable dental implant solution. Because only four or six implants are needed, the procedure is relatively more affordable than traditional implant placement where one implant is used to replace each missing tooth. Your calendar will benefit from a shorter treatment time. Traditional implant surgery and placement may take several months to complete. In general, the All-on-Four or All-on-Six procedure requires just two to four visits: consultation, evaluation, implant placement and placement of permanent replacement teeth. Is All-on-Four or All-on-Six Right for You? The best way to find out if All-on-Four or All-on-Six is right for you is to talk to Dr. Finley about your oral health goals and concerns. Dr. Andreaus will perform a thorough evaluation to determine which teeth replacement method suits you best. If you are ready to say goodbye to removable dentures and have All-on-Four & All-on-Six dental implants, call 919.546.9011 now or use our online forms to schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Raleigh, NC. Parting thoughts ::: Health We do not focus solely on good dental care but great health care. We want to work with you to achieve and maintain a lifetime of fantastic health. We do this by providing the best preventative care and by catching problems when they are small and more easily managed. We also look at your oral health with the big picture in mind, so if restorations are required, they can be done to look and feel their best. Beauty Your smile is the primary thing people observe when they meet you, in fact, your personality, vigor, and well-being all are visible in your expression long before anything else registers. A less than perfect smile can leave you feeling hesitant of yourself or disconcerted. Because of your hesitation to smile it can make you seem unhappy or aloof, making it hard to connect with people personally and professionally. Function The way teeth bite and chew are one of the cornerstones of a successful, long-term result. Teeth may chip, wear unevenly and even become loose. In patients with teeth that are already worn and broken down, it is essential we figure out why the teeth look like they do. Then we can work to eliminate the causes of the breakdown. We pride ourselves on creating a good bite which is essential for teeth that are built to last.